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    Zhonghong Pulin Group Co., Ltd.,

    Zhonghong Pulin Group Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of ITG Holding, was established in November 2000. For the past two decades, the company focuses its development layout in medical and food industry.

    In addition, Zhonghong Pulin has also been posited as a platform in medical and food industry, a platform in Northern China as well as a securitization platform for ITG Holding.

    The company’s key investments include Zhonghong Pulin Medical Products Co., Ltd., Zhonghong Sanrong Group Co., Ltd. etc.

    It has been Honored as “National Spark Export-oriented Enterprise”, “National AAA Foreign Trading Company for Honesty”, and “First Batch National Exemplary Enterprise in Agriculture Products Processing”. Its registered trademark has been awarded as the Well-Known Trademark of China.

    Contact us
    Add: N0. 35 Songhe Street, Luannan County, Tangshan, Hebei, China
    Postcode: 063500
    Tel: 86-315- 4167077
    Fax: 86-315-4167664
    Email: zcb@zhonghongpulin.cn
    Web: www.zhonghongpulin.cn
    Wechat code:中紅普林集團

    Wechat code
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