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    Xiamen ITG Assets Operation Group Co., Ltd.

    Xiamen ITG Assets Operation Group Co., Ltd. (ITG Assets) was renamed and established on December 29th 2018. As a wholly owned subsidiary of Xiamen ITG Holding Co., Ltd., ITG Assets owns member enterprises mainly consist of China Xiamen Corporation for International Techno-Economic Cooperation; Xiamen Shuncheng Assets Management Co., Ltd.; Xiamen ITG Holding Construction & Development Co., Ltd.; Xiamen ITG Property Management Co., Ltd.; and Xiamen ITG Capital Co., Ltd., etc. It is mainly engaged in three business segments of urban development operation and property management, capital operation and equity investment, and international labor service and trade. Through combining industry with capital, ITG Assets pursues the ideal of “delivering better value for society and leading better life for people”, under the core value of “staying focused and pursuing excellence”,is poised to become a leading state-owned assets operation platform.

    Contact us
    Add: 14-17, 19-20F, ITG Business Center, No.669 Sishui Road, Huli District, Xiamen, Fujian, China
    Postcode: 361015
    Tel: 86-592-5391661
    Fax: 86-592-5391662

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