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    ITG Holding released the first English version of the ESG report
    Form: Time:2022/8/24 16:01:29 Hits:1485
    In early July of this year, ITG Holding released the first ESG report of its kind among Xiamen state-owned enterprises covering the Group’s work and achievements in environmental protection, social effects and corporate governance in 2021, as well as its contributions to United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. This ESG report has since its release received positive response from all sectors of society. For the convenience of a wider range of readership among our peers and partners, as of today, the English version of this ESG report becomes available on the Group’s official website.
    For years, while persistently exploring the underlying logic for high-quality development, ITG Holding, by implementing ESG standards, has been successful in activating its internal dynamics and moving hand in hand with social progress. It has done a good job in turning its vision of “Leading globally competitive industries, creating a better life” into a solid commitment.
    On August 23, in recognition of excellent enterprises implementing ESG and to further promote the ESG concept in China, Fortune released its first “China ESG Influence List”. For its excellent ESG performance, ITG Holding has the honor to be on the List, together with COSCO, Alibaba, JD, Lenovo, CRRC and the other Fujian native Xiamen Tungsten.
    Consistently heading toward long-term goals, ITG Holding acts as a proactive player in a changing world and creates corporate value through sustainable development. In the future, the Group will work together with other sectors of society to promote sustainable and responsible ESG development!
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