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    Ranked 106th! ITG Holding Group Listed among the World’s Top 500 for the 6th Time
    Form: Time:2022/8/3 17:18:56 Hits:1456

    ITG Holding Group was selected for the 6th time for the 2022 Fortune Global 500 list, which was released on August 3. It ranked 106th, up by 65 places! Once again, ITG Holding Group received the highest ranking in the company’s history!

    Like pioneers in a new territory, we march forward boldly! Since the company debuted on the list in 2017, ITG Holding Group has comprehensively promoted high-quality development. It continues to make steady progress towards its vision in “Delivering better value for society, leading a better life for people  .” The company has achieved new breakthroughs in reform and innovation, all while rising up the global ranks.

    In 2021, in the face of a more complex and challenging international environment, the Group unswervingly followed long-term development trends and doubled down on its strategy to seek opportunities in the midst of crisis. Rooted in practical work and driven by innovation, the Group has experienced sustained and steady growth in operating income and profit.

    The Group is facilitating a new round of development with stellar performance! In 2022, ITG Holding Group will adhere to its strategy, improve upon its quality and efficiency, and build a new momentum in all five of its major businesses!

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