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    Ranked 118th! ITG Holding Group’s Brand Value Reaches RMB 68.672 Billion
    Form: Time:2022/7/26 17:23:45 Hits:1407

    Sponsored by the World Brand Lab, the 19th World Brand Summit was held in Beijing on July 26. The list of “China’s 500 Most Valuable Brands” for 2022 was released during the summit.

    The brand value of ITG Holding Group has reached RMB 68.672 billion, up 17.26% over last year, climbing 6 places to 118th in brand ranking.

    In 2021, ITG Holding Group ranked among the world’s top 500 brands for the first time with a brand value of RMB 58.562 billion, marking its entry into the arena of international brands. In 2022, the Group progressively tweaked its brand slogan to “Leading globally competitive industries, creating a better life.” This reflected the Group’s desire to promote its vision to accelerate reform and innovation, lead the industry with first-class competitiveness, facilitate high-quality development and contribute to the collective effort to make people’s lives better.

    By 2022, the total value of China’s 500 Most Valuable Brands reached RMB 30,972.807 billion, an increase of RMB 3,077.487 billion, or 11.03%, over last year. Stephen Woolgar, Chairman of the Academic Committee of the World Brand Lab and Emeritus Professor of Marketing at Oxford University, said, “Brands are the image of a country. I hope that more people around the world can learn about China’s stories through Chinese brands.” The World Brand Lab has drafted reports on China’s brands for 19 years, and by 2022, the threshold for inclusion has risen to RMB 3.167 billion, while the average value of the top 500 brands is as high as RMB 61.946 billion, an increase of 1,153.21%.

    The list of “China’s 500 Most Valuable Brands” is published by the World Brand Lab. It is based on the following three indicators: financial data, brand strength and consumer behavior analysis. These are used to assess the value of a brand with the “present value of earnings” method. The list is currently one of the leading and most influential awards in the field of Chinese brand research. It is referred to as the “Oscar Award” of Chinese brands.

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