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I can officially announce that I have Mastered an amazing album by Marc Scherer and Jennifer Batten, called Scherer-Batten "BattleZone" for MelodicRock Records!  The album was produced by Grammy Award winning songwriter and producer, Jim Peterik.

Jennifer Batten is a world class guitarist best known for her work with Michael Jackson and Jeff Beck. 

Mastered another fantastic album by The Radio Sun "Unstoppable".  Release -tba-

Another very cool mastering job I did was for Escape Music.  The unreleased album for Target, featuring legendary singer Jimi Jamison, best known for his work with Survivor being released (tba)!

Fiction SYXX- "Tall Dark Secrets" is now out and available to purchase at MelodicRock Records!!

Oh, and I am involved in the writing, mixing, mastering and performing on 3, no 4 other albums TBA!!!!


Had the pleasure of recording, mixing and mastering the single "Helter Skelter" as done by The Greg Golden Band!!!  Check the sample on the Samples page!  Also finished the album, The Mood Groove "I Just Wanna Sit Down".  More news on that coming up!!!



WOW!!  It's been very busy here in the studio!!  So many great bands are recording here, being mixed and mastered here!! 

Finished the mixing and mastering the Fiction SYXX "Tall Dark Secrets" album and is now signed to MelodicRock Records!!

Check out some of the updated samples.  Much more to come.


Another amazing album and artist I mastered!  Don Barnes, legendary singer of the classic band "38 Special" recorded an album in 1989 that was never released...until now!!!  What an honor!  Please read this article from Melodic Rock Records..(click here).  The line up on the album is as amazing as the album!


Finishing up working on a few projects!  The Fiction SYXX album is nearly complete and more great news coming up with that!!  The Mood Groove album is in final mix mode as well for a June release.

Also be listening for another METAL band called Death Of Reason that I am currently finishing mixes for!!  BAD AZZ!!!

more coming....


Just finished mixing and mastering Niviane!  A powerful metal band from Sacramento!  More news on these guys coming!!

Finished Mastering a great retro rock compilation of songs for a 3 cd set of the artist Arti Tisi for Melodic Rock Records!  A masterpiece of songs 47 in total.

Finished another set of 3 cd's for recording artist Jimmy Davis & Junction also on Melodic Rock Records!!  Phenomenal songwriter and singer!!  Check this guy out here.

More to come......


Just finished the recording, mixing and mastering for a very cool band called Down In Smoke from hometown Sacramento, CA.  Great Reggae riffs with a lot of soul and groove!  Check the samples for a listen.

-Hello 2017!!!  I look forward to working with you on your music.



2016 has been a busy year at Alien Productions Music!!  Having completed several albums including, Red Sky Sunrise, Roswell, The Hans Project and more, I've also been Mastering for artists such as, Bryan Cole, Adam Charles Ernst, Andrew J. McNeice, Jeffrey Berger (J3) and many others.

I'm very excited about the albums and projects that I am currently recording, mixing and or mastering! 

I am part of an all star project called FICTION SYXX, which features Mark Allen Lanoue, vocals and guitar, Tony Franklin on bass, Eric Ragno on keys, Rory Faciane on drums and myself on guitar along with many special guests. I am also mixing, producing and mastering!  Expect a release in mid 2017.

Several other projects I've begun in 2016 will be finished in 2017.

Niviane, Death Of Reason, The Mood Groove and Down In Smoke just to name a few.

I will be adding another page or two including some pics of bands and artists here in the studio.

Here's to 2017 and I look forward to working with you on your music soon.

Let's make contact!!!


JK Northrup